Dear Customer,

To invest in the Pakistan Stock Market through Roshan Digital Account, please follow the below further steps:

a. Provide Consent to Faysal Bank that your data provided for Roshan Digital Account opening can be shared with CDC and other capital market entities.

b. Carefully read and click I Agree to Terms and Conditions for Investing in Pakistan Capital Market.

c. Select a Brokerage House for trading purpose.

Upon receiving your consent, information and credentials, CDC will send you an Acknowledgement Email.

In 24 business hours of receiving your information/credentials and verifying them, CDC will send you an Account Opening Package, informing you about the following actions and details:

1. Opening of your Trading Account with your selected broker.

2. Creation and Registration of your Unique Identification Number (UIN) by NCCPL.

3. Opening of your Custody Account (CDC Account).

4. Creation of your CDC Web Access Login ID and Password.

After receiving the above, you can start investing in the Pakistan Stock Market.

CDC website link :