How can I invest in Roshan Apna Ghar?

The customer (Investor) will fill out the form on Faysal Islami Roshan Digital Account Portal for ‘Investment’ in the residential and commercial real estate on repatriable basis from their Roshan Digital Account.

What are the options of Investment?

The customer has 2 options to proceed with a) Pre-approved Projects b) Self-Identified Property.

What is the process of Pre-approved Projects?

1. Customer will provide Nominee/co-owner details which are mandatory to proceed for Investment.
2. The customer will choose Property from approved projects as provided in the portal where the value of the property will be presented as per bank’s record.
3. The Nominee/RDA will submit agreement to sell.

What is the payment process?

• The customer will authorize the bank to make payment to the beneficiary/seller and handover the payment to nominee on its behalf.
• The Nominee will provide the PO acknowledgement, that will be retained in bank’s record

How will I be confirmed about my Investment submission?

After the submission of the required form on the portal. A bank representative will call back the customer for confirmation of Investment.

If I need to repatriate the account?

The title document of property shall be submitted to the bank. (This will be, mandatory if customer wants to repatriate the account).

What Documents do I need for Investment in Roshan Apna Ghar?

Following documents are required from the Investor/Customer while making/receiving payment for investment/disinvestment in residential real estate:

1. Copy of sales agreement/purchase letter of the housing or relevant authority or any other document evidencing sale/purchase of property, as applicable.

2. Latest valuation reports of the property from two independent valuators, listed on Pakistan Banks Association’s (PBA) (approved list) for valuation of residential (to be arranged by the bank).

3. Copy of Computerized National Identify Card/NICOP/ NTN of the seller(s)/ buyer.

4. Standing instructions for making payment (partial/full) from the account of the investor.