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On account of Roshan Digital Account and all products associated within it, the State bank of Pakistan has introduced yet another initiative for the Non-Resident Pakistanis quoted as Roshan Apna Ghar through which all RDA holders will be able to access a fully digital application, where they can invest in real estate and/or obtain housing finance through monthly installments.

Features & Benefits – Financing Option

• Maximum financing against property value

• Exclusive Price Offering

• Flexibility to make partial pre-payments with zero charges after first year

• For first year 1% will be charged upon Early Termination after words NO charges will be levied.

• Processing fee Rs. 4,000/- (exclusive of FED)

• Optional life Takaful covering death (due to any cause) and accidental/natural disability

• Property Takaful (covering the financing amount) absolutely FREE for customers

Pricing Grid for Financing Option

Following pricing will be will be applicable for variants;

Variable Rate

• Without lien 1-year KIBOR + 1.5%

• With lien – 1-year KIBOR Only

Government – Profit Subsidy Scheme


Tier 1 (T1)

Tier 2 (T2)

Tier 3 (T3)

(NAPHDA Projects)




Profit Rate

First 5 years = 3%

First 5 years = 5%

First 5 years = 7%

Next 5 years = 5%

Next 5 years = 7%

Next 5 years = 9%

For period exceeding

10 years =

1-year KIBOR+2.5%

For period exceeding

10 years =

1-year KIBOR+4%

For period exceeding

10 years =

1-year KIBOR+4%

Maximum Finance size

2.7 Million

6 Million

10 Million


Property Value

3.5 Million

No Cap

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Documents required for Financing Option

Salaried Individual

1. Employer's certificate including tenor/designation/remuneration details /Employment Contract

2. Last three-month salary slip/certificate and .Bank Statement -last 12 months(Duly attested by the bank with stamp/notary public)

3. Copy of Visa /work permit /Residence Permit (Iqaama etc.)

Self Employed Individual:

1. Valid Business Proof

2. Copy of Visa / Work permit / Residence Permit (Iqaama etc.)

3. Bank Statement - last 12 months (Duly attested by the bank with stamp / notary public) and Copies of last 2 years’ tax documents

This is an indicative documents checklist. Bank shall obtain further required documents where required.

Features & Benefits - Investment Option

1. NRPs can make payments for Investment in residential & commercial real estate on repatriable basis. (through bank’s approval).

2. Payments through investment shall be made through NRP rupee value accounts (NRVA)

3. Investments may be made on installments or full payment basis.

4. Bank will ensure due diligence.

5. Investment can be made either in his/her own name or jointly with his/her family members(s), which include parents, brother, sister, wife, children and lineal ascendant and descendants only.

6. Property valuation Charges will be applicable.

Documents required for Investment Option

Following documents are required from the Investor/Customer while making/receiving payment for investment/disinvestment in residential real estate:

1. Copy of sales agreement/purchase letter of the housing or relevant authority or any other document evidencing sale/purchase of property, as applicable.

2. Latest valuation reports of the property from two independent valuators, listed on Pakistan Banks Association’s (PBA) (approved list) for valuation of residential (to be arranged by the bank).

3. Copy of Computerized National Identify Card/NICOP/ NTN of the seller(s)/ buyer.

4. Standing instructions for making payment (partial/full) from the account of the investor.

Sample Power of Attorney

Non –lien Product: Power of Attorney can be used under non lien product where customer is unable to be physically present for execution of Mortgage formalities. Applicant is required to take a print, sign the same and get it attested from Pakistan Mission etc. MOFA and submit the same to the bank. The Bank’s sales representative will guide the process over call to the applicant.

Click here for Sample Power of Attorney.

List of pre-approved Projects

For self investment only:

Contact Details for Roshan Apna Ghar Financing facility

For Karachi Region :

Shoaib Siddiqui – Regional Sales Manager

Contact number: 0300 8297226

Email Address: ShoaibSiddiqui@faysalbank.com

For Lahore Region :

Syed Mazhar Arslan – Regional Sales Manager

Contact number: 0321 9449778

Email Address: syedmazhararslan@faysalbank.com

For Multan Region:

Rizwan Razzaq – Regional Sales Manager

Contact number : 0321 7362000

Email Address: RizwanRazzaq@faysalbank.com

For Islamabad Region:

M. Faisal Siddiqui – Regional Sales Manager

Contact number: 0313 5991995

Email Address: MFaisalSiddiqui@faysalbank.com

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